February 22, 2018

Yuma Civic Center
1440 W. Desert Hills Drive

Ammonia Is A Vital Chemical To Our Modern Lives - Come Learn To Respect This Chemical, And To Appreciate It.

Sponsored by:

Local Businesses - Exhibitors

Local, State & Federal
Public Safety Agencies

Presentation Topics:

  • How Yuma 1st Responders are Training to Support Yuma's Industry

  • Fire Safety And Fire Prevention Training

  • Which Specific Information 1st Responders Need When Arriving On Scene

  • Hazards Of Working While Distracted

  • Workplace Violence - Situational Awareness and Self-preservation Actions

The purpose of  the Yuma Area Ammonia Safety Day is to provide individuals with the opportunity to receive information and training from agencies and safety professionals; to network with  professionals who are experts in their fields; and to develop relationships with vendors and others from the entire arena of the ammonia industry.

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